Monday, 1 April 2013

North Pattaya Condos for Rent, North Pattaya Condos for Sale

North Pattaya Condominiums and Beyond

North Pattaya (Pattaya Nua) and Naklua - has quick, frequent, and inexpensive transport to and from the rest of Pattaya as well as the proximity of the main North Pattaya bus station. There is an excellent fresh food market in Naklua. Seafood is a speciality but get there early preferably around dawn for the best, freshest and tastiest seafood on the Eastern Seaboard of Thailand

North Pattaya has traditionally been popular with visitors whose native language is German. However there is nowadays a much more international atmosphere with visitors and residents from all parts of the globe including a large Russian presence as has many other areas of Pattaya. 

In terms of tourism-related locations, it's the smallest and least significant sub-district, the main attractions being the beaches, which are quieter than Pattaya Beach and the Sanctuary of Truth.

There are many condo developments in North Pattaya particularly in and around the Wongamat Beach area. There are also many new condo and apartment blocks being built that seem to be attracting a mainly Thai clientele with it's easy access to the route down from Bangkok

AD Condominium Racha Residence
AD Condominium Wongamat
Ananya Beachfront Condominium
Ananya Wongamat Condominium
Club Royal Condominium
Delray Condominium
Laguna Heights Condominium
Life Vela Casa Condominium
Modus Beachfront Condominium
Northpoint Condominium
Nova Mirage Condominium
Park Beach Condominium
Panya Resort Condominium Bang Saen
Ping Pah Condominium
Poompatta Condominium
Rachatee Condotel
Rama Harbour View Condominium Si Racha
Saranchol Pattaya Condominium
Siam Penthouse Condominium
Silver Beach Condominium
Sky Beach Condominium
The Cove Condominium
The Ocean's Edge Condominium
The Palm Condominium
The Sanctuary Condominium
TW Wong Amat Beach Condominium
View Talay Residence 6 Condominium
W Tower Wongamat Condominium
Wongamat Garden Beach Resort Condo
Wongamat Privacy Condominium
Wongamat Residence Condominium

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